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Pearl Roofing is a full-service roofing company offering a diverse range of commercial flat roofing services. We offer high quality materials, high-performance equipment,  an expert and experienced technical team. Our service, quality, workmanship and safety procedures have earned the company its place among industry leaders.

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Roof Repair Services
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Roof Maintenance
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The answer to this question is ... Yes!!!  First, a flat roof is less expensive than it's peaked counterparts. Second, a flat roof is easier to install. Third, flat roofs are easier to repair. We guarantee our roofs for 10 years, and all of our material has a 20 year Manufacturers Warranty.

Your roof will be fitted with Advanced Water-Proof Membranes, as well as an Ice and Snow Shedding System, for maximum durability and guaranteed protection against leaks. You also have a choice of various degrees of membrane thickness, which can add to your roof's longevity. In addition, we use galvanized metal for maximum resistance against mechanical stress and corrosion. 

No roof is 100% puncture proof. However, we only use premium products, such as fiberlglass reinforcing scrim, to maximize puncture resistance. Our three-layer protection also reduces boring and piercing potential, and is guaranteed for 10 years. 

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